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Welcome to My project log!

Since I eventually have to start documenting things, I figured this might be a good way to do it. So, here goes!

Currently my only really active project is my arduino-powered servo controller. The current "stable" data for this is located at tekdemo.github.com/project-sir-vo , which will at some point be located at it's project page.

Gentic Algorithms

05 Jul 2015

Finally got an itch to do something in the pure programming range, and decided to play something totally new: Genetic Algorithms! Surprisingly, they’re actually a lot of fun, and after a weekend, I have some neat demos to play with


Maker Faire 2015 Project: OPShark

13 Jun 2015

For Maker Faire 2015, us OSH Park folks decided to build a rather physical version of a terrible joke, starting from looking at anagrams of the company name. The final result of a 2 week team effort is the OPShark: a fashionable and adorable animatronic plush shark that’s harnessed the power of vehicular science, bent on world domination.  Animated plushyness not accurately represented


PCB Crown and 3D Circuits

21 Feb 2015

For Maker Faire 2014, us OSH Park folks wanted do design and build a hat for Laen. Needless to say, it got out of hand, and we wound up with an absurdly complex, fragine, and amazingly cool crown made entirely from PCB, luck, and a bit of magic. As a more complex project, it’s got it’s own build log and Git repo, viewable here: PCB Crown  Step 1: Doodles


Pcb Art With 4 Layer Boards

18 Sep 2014

One of the fun things about designing 4 layer art boards is the extra dimension you get with the internal layers. With a bit of planning, you can really take advantage of the internal layers for some interesting effects. SOAK Bade for the No-Know group


Fun with lasers and tiny robots

30 Jul 2014

Project update! This is my first attempt at producing a miniature super-cheap [swerve drive][swerve] based robot. Swerve drives are a very cool mechanical construction that let you have full 360 degree rotation without sacrificing forward power like other omni-wheel schemes. They’re pretty complex parts though, requiring a lot of custom machining, gearing, and heavily loaded bearings. So, they’re not cheap. So, my first thought was to design a super-tiny and super-cheap one!


Visual Diffs Made Easy

28 Jun 2014

Once I started doing board design, the thing that drove me nuts was trying to remember what I’d changed between revisions. However, since I started using Git, it wasn’t too difficult to see exactly what I’ve changed by going back and comparing things. But there’s some subtle things that you can’t quite see, such as tweaking a mask layer, or relocating vias that might be a significant factor to the design, but nearly impossible to see.


Servo Controller Status

25 Jun 2014

OK! Here’s the back story amd statis for developing my servo controller project.


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