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Pcb Art With 4 Layer Boards

posted 18 Sep 2014

One of the fun things about designing 4 layer art boards is the extra dimension you get with the internal layers. With a bit of planning, you can really take advantage of the internal layers for some interesting effects. SOAK Bade for the No-Know group

Pretty simple design, but very effective for a badge clip

One of the nicer things is with a white substrate (specifically, FR408 through OSH Park), is that it’s translucent enough that you can easily see through it, but it scatters effectively enough that the design on the reverse side is heavily obscured. With a bit of planning, you can get very excellent backlit designs.

Burner on reverse side visible, but nicely muted

The internal substrate doing an excellent job hiding the opposing text

The design of this particular project was driven by my friend Jason, who wanted something neat for the SOAK festival. I simply hopped in to help with the execution, since I have a bit more experience designing and viewing boards.

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